About Us

CBD Communications was established in 2004, all our personnel have accumulated many years of experience in the field of telecommunications. We are all former employees of Ericsson Componedex and Ericsson Limited so have worked with some of the world's major players in the telecom's market. In fact, a number of us were involved in the design, manufacture and implementation of the first European wide-area satellite paging network over 15 years ago!

Other members of our staff are ex-forces personnel with the enviable background in communications that only the military can provide. Since the installation of that first paging network, our personnel have provided sales, support and repair facilities for major networks in over fifteen countries; including a fully-comprehensive swap repair service for one of Europe's largest telecommunications companies.

We have also applied our expertise to other areas of satellite communications, becoming involved in the design, provision and support of networks requiring point-to-point voice and data links: our major customer in this particular field being a European government agency with remote sites located throughout Africa and Asia.

If you believe that satellite is not the answer to your communication needs, do not be deterred by our particular experience in that area: many of our solutions to customer requirements have combined more than one method of transmission. For example, we currently have a number of customers utilising wire-line networks or a combination of satellite and copper.

We believe that, throughout our various metamorphoses from Componedex to CBD Communications, the people involved in our current venture have firmly kept to their original values of honesty, value for money and a strong desire to provide the best possible service to their customers. .

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Proud to be a member of the European Mobile Messaging Association