Linkway S2

Bandwidth-on-demand broadband VSAT networks

Linkway S2 is the most cost-effective, seamless extension for voice, data and multimedia networks

Its full mesh, single-satellite-hop network topology expands your advanced digital communications horizons. IP, ATM, Frame Relay and ISDN traffic flows seamlessly between remote sites connected via Linkway S2 VSAT network terminals. What’s more, whether your network consists of ten or ten thousand sites, Linkway S2 provides substantial transponder savings. Its automatic, adaptive bandwidth assignment dynamically allocates channels on an as needed basis.

Advanced Multi-service VSAT Technology

The Linkway S2 system offers the next generation of satellite networks and world-wide support from our extensive partners. A multitude of features have been incorporated into Linkway S2's state-of-the-art design to satisfy your needs for the best networking solution with the highest reliability and greatest efficiency.

Unlike conventional VSAT systems, Linkway S2 handles circuit-and packet-switched traffic dynamically. The unique multi-frequency TDMA architecture, combined with flexible bandwidth management, significantly reduces recurring costs. Its Java based Network Control and Management software, with a browser interface, enables quick and flexible remote access from any PC. Moreover, Linkway is compatible with every commercial satellite, and our patented transmission technology ensures the highest quality interconnectivity for your multi-service, multi-point and multi-national networks.

Broadband Applications

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
Internet Networks 
Distance Learning and Tele-medicine 
Backbone Interconnection 
Wireless Local Loop and Cellular Telephone Interconnection 
Private Telephony, Data and Video Conferencing Networks 
Public Switched Telephone and Data Networks 
Corporate Intranets
Disaster Recovery for Terrestrial Networks



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